The Perfect Transitional Piece

Cute Kids Vest

As the weather begins to cool it can be challenging to find pieces for your little one that can easily transition between seasons. That's why the vest is the perfect outerwear trend to get behind. From cozy puffer vests to stylish sweater vests there are a host of comfy and cute options on the market that are sure to keep your child feeling snug. And the best part is that you don't need to search high and low for a fabulous find, because we've done the work for you. Browse on to see innovative ways you can style the trend and even snag an outfit or two from our very own boutique. We search, you shop. It's that simply. Enjoy!

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Boys Vest

(Margalit Kids Boutique Houndstooth Vest $45) 

Girls Puffer Vest

(Margalit Kids Boutique Burgundy Puffer Vest $45) 

Gray Kids Vest

Girls Vest

Boys Vest

Cute Girls Vest

Boys Puffer Vest

Adorable Girls Vest

Cute Boys Vest

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Boys Dress Shirt

(Margalit Kids Boutique Plaid Dress Shirt $35) 


Burgundy Girls Skirt

(Margalit Kids Boutique Burgundy Skirt $48)